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Uniting Semiconductor’s Users Quick Insights, Transparent Trading

LinkSemi, an AI-powered Semiconductor platform, mitigates risk with real-time market insights, federated ML tools for anonymous participation, and automated workflows to enhance communication and transparency among stakeholders.

A New Digital Experience in Sourcing, Procuring and Selling of Electronic Components

LinkSemi is a peer to peer federated knowledge sharing platform in the Semiconductor space which mitigates risk by providing real time market information, predicting market fluctuations and smooths them out. AI Powered and federated ML tools let players participate in the platform anonymously and share their wisdom and exchange products without sharing their information. LinkSemi Automated workflows not only facilitates communication between the Semicon stakeholders but also solve the lack of visibility and transparency, addressing the main gaps of this space.

E&O Module

Excess & Obsolete Asset Recovery and Liquidation

Revolutionize your business with our cutting-edge software designed for CMs and OEMs. This innovative solution automates and optimizes electronic component inventory sales, providing a seamless experience. Integrated into operations, it enhances efficiency, reduces time constraints, and cuts costs related to excess inventory. Experience transformative workflow shifts, set industry standards, and excel in a competitive market. Embrace efficiency, cut expenses, and usher in excellence in electronic component inventory management.

Cost Saving Module (PPV+)

Cost Saving Opportunity Exploration and Management

Boost procurement with our advanced software for CMs and OEMs, revolutionizing inventory buying with strategic cost-saving measures. Empower buyers to navigate markets effortlessly, identifying cost-effective electronic component options. Our software, integral to operations, provides intelligent decision support, surpassing conventional approaches. Navigate confidently, making informed choices, securing the best prices. Experience precision, unlocking significant cost savings—a cornerstone for impactful electronic component purchasing decisions.

Shortage Module (PPV-)

Shortage Situation Mitigation Using Franchised and Open Market Sources

Introducing our Shortage Module, a breakthrough solution for CMs and OEMs facing component shortages. Seamlessly identifying alternatives amid supplier constraints, it empowers your supply chain to overcome challenges, ensuring uninterrupted production and minimizing delays. Gain unparalleled flexibility with real-time insights, turning shortages into opportunities for resilience and efficiency. Elevate your sourcing strategy with this essential tool in your operational toolkit.